…so said Percy Bysshe Shelley, to which I add the ghosts of summer just past; one full of beauty, drama, sunshine, and tumultuous events that we, in the computer age, cannot escape. It’s almost too much for one small human to absorb. So, one at a time I shall tick off the weeks since June with short tales of my summer explorations.

Let’s start August 7 with a husky hike around Mt. Baker the first day and the ridge around Damfino Lake the next. During this time we stayed at our favorite campground, Silver Fir.

My friend, Jon Pollack, and I had taken a big chance on this weekend, for heavy rain was predicted. Guess what? It couldn’t have been more glorious. Sunshine in the morning over the Nooksack River next to our campsite and clear skies for three days. Hallelujah! We were so sure of possible rain that we even visited Artist Point the night before the hike, just so we could see it in good weather. And we took photos where I had stood next to the snowbank on two previous years. This was the first time in three years that Ptarmigan Ridge wasn’t covered with ice and snow! It was also very interesting that on our way to the climb we encountered more than 65 cyclists heading up the mountain road…laboriously! They, too, were enjoying the balmy weather.

Follow us as we leave from the Austin Pass Visitor Center to the Chain Lakes Loop, which includes Bagley Lake, Herman saddle, Hayes Lake (lunch), Mazama Lake, and Iceberg Lake. This is the first year Iceberg hasn’t been frozen during the summer months…rather worrisome to those who depend on snow melt for water. In fact, we were appalled at the way the lakes had receded this past year.

We continued on around Ptarmigan Ridge, encircling Table Mountain and making our way over the Wild Good Trail. Once at the visitor’s area we walked the two miles downhill to our car through the woods by way of a steep trail of wooden logs. That was the scariest part of the trip for me!




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